Dota News Highlights March 25 – April 20


Roster Changes:

  • Team NP : Envy kicks SVG and 1437 (Source)
  • Sonneiko replaces rmn on Team Na’Vi (Source)
  • Sunsfan and Sajedene leave Digital Chaos for undisclosed reasons (Source)
  • Digital Chaos squad goes independent, they are now “Team Thunderbirds” (Source)
  • Digital Chaos Org picks up Team Onyx (Source)
  • Team B)ears disbands (Source)
  • Mousesports signs ex-Ad Finem squad (Source)
  • The Wings players leave the org and are now known as “Team Random”(Source)
  • InsaNia replaces Synderen on NiP (Source)
  • Moonduck adds Shaneomad & Brax to their broadcast/talent team (Source)

Kiev Major Information:


  • Invited team performance (before invites)
    • Team Random (ex-Wings) – TI Champions, BEAT winners, ¾ at ESL
    • OG – Major Champions, ¾ as ESL, 1 Elimination mode, 2nd Dotapit
    • Mousesports (ex-Ad Finem) – 2nd at Boston,  failed to qualify for starladder or DAC
    • Liquid – Starladder win, DAC qualified
    • EG – Won Dotapit, Won China Top, ¾ Boston
    • Thunderbirds (ex-DC) – Won ESL, ¾ Boston
    • Newbee – 2nd ESL, 1st China only Tournament, 2nd at China Top
    • VG.J – 2nd Starladder, 1st DAC qualifiers,
  • Group Stages April 24-25
    • 16 team single group stage
    • Swiss style format
      • Bo3 matches
      • No team plays each other more than once
      • Any teams with a 3-0 or 0-3 record are done with groups
  • Main Event April 27-30
    • Talent list:
      • Redeye to host
      • Aui_2000, 1437, and Conrad are new faces
      • Synderen returns to analysis/casting
    • Only casters will be present in Kiev according to anonymous sources, the rest of the broadcast team will be in Bucharest (Source)
    • The in stadium broadcast language will be Russian

Upcoming Tournaments:

  • StarLadder i-League Dota 2 Invitational Season 2, Shanghai, China, May 18-21
  • ZOTAC Cup Masters at Computex Taipei, May 30 to June 3
  • Epicenter, Moscow, Russia,  June 9-11
  • Summit 7 Los Angelos, USA, June 14-18
  • Dreamleague Season 7, LAN Finals Atlanta, USA, July 21-22

DAC Overview

  • 12 Teams – 4 invited and 8 qualified
    • Two groups of 6
    • Top 2 started in the upper bracket, bottom 4 in bo1 elimination games
  • Group Results:Final Standings.png
  • NP, LGD.FY, Wings, and Liquid were the first eliminated
  • IG.Vitality made it the farthest from the lower bracket (4th)
  • IG fell to OG in the upper bracket, then beat Newbee 2-0 in the lower bracket
  • IG beat OG 3 – 0 in the grand finals
    • IG won ~$246,000 of the $612,000 prize pool
    • Previous champions EG came in 5/6th place, winning $37,000

Game Changes

  • 7.05
  • Matchmaking Update (Source)
    • A unique linked phone number is now required by May 4th to play ranked
    • Solo Queue only can be selected in advanced options
    • Low Priority is now a timeout in combination
    • Party MMR takes your Solo MMR (if higher) into account when queuing
    • Behavioral algorithms (for detecting griefing) have been improved
    • Bot detection has been implemented
  • New laws in China require that drop rates from loot boxes/Dota chests will be required to be public

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