The Secret – Still Isn’t Out?

The post Kiev Major shuffle has only begun, but it’s masking something else interesting behind the scenes.

Kemal Sadikoglu, a Turkish businessman, was previously the director of Team Secret. After Secret faced several “no payment” scandals as revealed in blogs by OG’s manager Evany and EternalEnvy, their public image suffered heavily. Team Secret announced a change in management in early March, shortly before they played in the Kiev qualifiers.

Kemal Sadikoglu will be transitioning his responsibilities as Director effective immediately, and leaving Team Secret to pursue other interests.”

While the announcement thanks him for his time, it also uses this change to excuse previous management issues regarding payment scandals.

At Team Secret we pride ourselves on being a model organization, championing the industry’s highest principles that require not only competitive fortitude, but management excellence as well. Our founding vision continues to guide everything we do – putting the integrity of the game and the well-being of our players above all else.”

This announcement came around the same time that Team Secret announced their boot camp in a new location, not their usual team house in Turkey.

secret bootcamp tweet

When asked about this change in an interview with Sheever at the Kiev Major, Pieliedie states

“We couldn’t boot camp in Turkey anymore, the house was getting too expensive or


This explanation falls flat in light of this tweet from ProDota’s manager earlier today, indicating that the team house would be in use for boot camping, just not by Team Secret.

prodota tweet

The expense of the boot camp seems like an unlikely reason for Kemal stepping back as Team Secret’s director, as he continues to maintain the house and use it for ProDota’s boot camp. The conditions surrounding Kemal’s departure remain unknown, but it is clear that the interests he will be pursuing are within the realm of Dota.

Kemal has not had any recent activity on his social media and Team Secret has not released more information regarding the reasons behinds Kemal’s departure. This could be a single event to support a smaller team, but it could also represent Kemal’s continued interest in the Dota scene as he moves to acquire a new team.


ProDota is renting the location from Kemal, he is not partnered with the team.

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