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Tournament Summaries

The Kiev Major


  • 16 Teams – 8 invited, 8 qualified (2 CN, 2 SEA, 1 EU, 1 CIS, 1 NA, 1 SA)
  • Two groups of 8, Swiss style format
  • Seeds everyone into a bo3 single elimination bracket
  • Bo5 Grand Finals

Games To Watch:


  • Top 4: IG, VP, OG, EG
  • Bo5 Grand Finals: OG(3) vs. VP(2)
    • OG’s 4th Valve event victory
    • Career Earnings: $5,287,979

Tournament Tidbits:

  • 99 heroes picked
  • Zero broadcasting gaps (Mischief at the Major Segments filled all down time)
  • Only the second 5 game finals in Valve event history (TI3)




  • 8 teams – 6 direct invites, 2 qualified teams 
  • GSL bo3 double elimination group stage (4 teams each, top 2 in single elim playoffs)
  • Find all games here

Games To Watch:


  • Top 4: Liquid, IG, TNC, Newbee
  • Grand Finals (bo5) Liquid(3) vs. TNC (2)

Tournament Tidbits:

  • 1437 flew directly to China to play with TNC, he had not previously played with the team
  • Alliance was a replacement for Mousesports (ex Ad Finem), who withdrew due to a busy schedule


Manila Masters


  • 8 teams – 5 direct invites, 3 qualified teams
  • Double elimination bracket with random seeding, no group stage

Games To Watch:

  • Battle of the Rages (If there is an official video please let me know, I did not see one on MineskiTV’s youtube)


  • Top 4: Faceless, Newbee, NP, EG
  • Grand Finals (bo5): EG (3) vs Newbee (1)

Tournament Tidbits:


Upcoming Tournaments

Zotac Cup Masters (May 30 – June 3)

  • LAN event in Taipai
  • $100K USD prizepool
  • Bo1 upper bracket games with bo3 lower backet games

Epicenter (June 4 – June 11)

  • LAN event in Moscow
  • $500K USD prizepool
  • Two groups of 5 into a single elimination (bo3) playoff bracket (bo5 finals)

The Summit 7 (June 14 – June 18)

  • “LAN” event in LA at The Summit House
  • $100K USD prize pool

Galaxy Battles (June 14 – June 18)

  • LAN event in Shenzen (China)
  • $150K USD prize pool
  • Bo2 group stage to determine seeding, double elimination playoff bracket (bo3s), bo5 finals

TI Open Qualifiers: June 22nd

Dreamleague Season 7 (LAN

EU Finalists:  Team Secret, Team Liquid, and Vega Squadron

NA: NP and Digital Chaos (ex Onyx) withdraw from the NA division. Team NP receive a one year Dreamleague ban due to withdrawing for the second time

Notable Roster Changes

Wings (Team Random) – Disbands, potentially banned from ACE events due to “breaking contract” to leave the Wings organization. EHOME pick up ex-wings players faith_bian and y’. EHOME are also reportedly banned from ACE events. A previous EHOME ACE ban prevented the team from even scrimming with other Chinese teams

Team NP : Kicks 1437 & SVG, picks up Pieliedie and FATA

Team Secret: Replaces Pieliedie with Yapzor

Cloud9: disbands, becomes Danish Bears (again) with 747 replacing 13abyknight

Crescendo: 13abyknight, Excalibur, SyndereN, EGM, Akke

TNC: 1437 joins the team as the new captain, ryOyr leaves

Mineski: Mag (ex-Vega) joins the team


Game Changes & Patches

  • Major client performance update, especially noticeable on low end systems
  • Shrines are only available starting at 5 minutes into the game
  • Creep numbers & xp changed
  • Denying a creep now grants you experience
  • Less shrines in the base
  • Decreased gold bounty for towers
  • Monkey King ultimate no longer bashes
  • Urn heals evenly (similar to a salve)
  • CM moves backwards because she is so slow (ok she actually has 275 ms now)


“State of Dota” Discussions

BEAT Organizer’s Letter to Valve

LD’s Statement on 3rd Party Tournament System

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