A Summary of Pro Dota in 7.06

Video Version:

The 7.06 Patch:

Release Date: May 15, 2017

Key Changes:

Respawn talents removed

Denies grant denier bonus experience

Shrines start on cooldown (5 minutes)

Neutrals went back to spawning every minute

Offlaner can no longer gets level two off the first creep wave

7.06 Dota Before TI7

Starladder ($100,000) – Liquid (3) : TNC (2)

Manila Masters ($250,000) – EG (3) : Newbee (1)

Zotac Cup ($100,00) – Newbee (3) : Team NP (1)

Epicenter ($500,000) – Liquid (3) : EG (1)

Dota Summit ($100,000) – Virtus.Pro (3) : Team Secret (2)

Galaxy Battles ($150,000) – Newbee (3) : Planet Odd (0)

MDL ($250,000) – LGD (3) : LFY (2)

DreamLeague ($150,000) – Liquid (3) : Planet Odd (2)

The International 2017

Prize Pool: $24,787,916

Invited Teams: OG, VP, EG, Liquid, IG, Newbee

Qualified Teams: Secret, Hell Raisers, Empire, IG Vitality, LGD, LFY, TNC, Fnatic, Execration, Cloud9 (Team NP), Digital Chaos, Infamous

Group Stage: 

Two Groups of nine

Top four advance to the upper bracket, bottom four to lower, ninth place is eliminated

Final Results:

 TI7 Placements

Dota 2 Pro Circuit starts in 7.06

Dota 2 Pro Circuit

Third party tournaments work with Valve to make their tournament a Minor or a Major

Majors and Minors must have qualifiers for all six regions (CN, SEA, CIS, EU, NA, SA)

Minors have 300 qualifying points that get awarded to the top performing teams, Majors have 1500 qualifying points

Cumulative qualifying points from the entire year will determine who gets invited to TI8

The First Tournaments of the 2017 Pro Circuit

[MINOR] Starladder ($300,000) – Liquid (3) : Mineski (1)

[MINOR] PGL Open ($300,000) – Mineski (2) : LGD (0)

[MAJOR] ESL One Hamburg ($1,000,000) – Virtus.Pro (2) : Team Secret (0)

Qualifying Points Leaderboard

QP Leaderboard Nov 2017

7.07 Update: The Dueling Fates

Dota Pit is the first Pro Circuit tournament to be played on 7.07 – there will be another video/article to summarize our first 7.07 tournament one it finishes!

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