DreamHack Winter 2017 & Stockholm

I’m back from my FIRST EVER TRIP TO EUROPE. I had an incredible #ExportsVacation in Sweden with all the DreamHack crew, leaving was certainly bittersweet.

Here is my vlog from the trip!! More pictures are below.

First up was the actual event in Jönköping. I was in charge of the MemeLeague social media accounts. Yes that right – I MADE MEMES. Ok well only a couple, but I am learning…



Out last night in Jönköping! Everywhere in Sweden has amazing gluten free options. This place is known for it’s kebab pizza (that’s what Kyle got, I stuck with normal pepperoni). Yes, I did eat the entire thing. It was excellent.


From there we took a train to Stockholm! The countryside was beautiful, although I did nap for a significant portion of the three hour train ride.


Our hotel! It was beautiful, and next to a giant arena. Everywhere in Stockholm had beautiful lights and Christmas decorations.


After walking around Stockholm for a couple hours, we went to the Vasa Museum! The entire museum is about this one beautiful intricate ship that was built in the 1600’s and never made it out of the harbor (it got knocked over by the wind!). If you watch my vlog, we explored all the different levels, sculptures, and intricacies.

Yes – We went to a place called the Kappa Bar (the address was 1337 as well). They had a DreamHack burger and a bunch of themed drinks (GLHF, Mana and HP pots, etc). Food in Stockholm was wonderful – from Swedish tapas, to the highest rated burger according to DreamHack employees, Risotto, and MORE PIZZA.

It was all over far too quickly, but what an incredible opportunity! I enjoyed working behind the scenes, I felt very useful and learned many things about running social media for big / business accounts. Everyone at DreamHack was wonderful as well! We worked hard and we played just as hard. Every day was a new adventure, and I can’t wait for the next! (Which is hopefully coming soon (TM))

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