Yuki Cross: The Cosplay Photoshoot

I do not watch much anime – I am a hardcore Netflix kind of person, and anything not on there just doesn’t rank in my effort scale. Fortunately for me, Netflix does have some anime! I discovered Vampire Knight about a year ago, and since then I have watched it at least FOUR TIMES (yes, I have a tendency to repeat and obsess over things I love). I decided that it was time to do an anime cosplay. This is the first cosplay I’ve ever bought – it was weird to find such a high quality and detail perfect cosplay so easily and budget friendly available after doing Dota cosplays for so long. I was really happy with the quality, even if the fit wasn’t as perfect as if I had made it myself (you can find it here if you have the same obsession I do).

I have had this cosplay for AGES (I believe a beloved eggplant from my stream purchased it from me from a wishlist) and I never did a photoshoot with it. In the freezing sub 20F degree weather (-6C for you sensible people out there), I decided it was time to zip into the ever so warm anime school girl outfit and grab a tripod and self timer camera to get some pictures. (I do everything myself, for now. I am incapable of planning shoots, I always go on a whim and therefore never have anyone to help). Here is a little look at what getting cosplay ready and doing a photoshoot looks like for me:

I’ll upload all the pictures on the cosplay section of my site, I am so happy with how everything turned out!

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